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Muslims and America – 30 days

Dave, an average Christian American who knows almost nothing about Islam, was brave enough to go through to experience living for 30 days in a Muslim community. He definitely learned a lot about Muslim and Islam.


War Ethics

During a recent football match, Football (soccer) player Frederick Kanoute lifted his jersey to display a shirt expressing support for Palestine. Kanoute lifted his Sevilla shirt over his head after scoring in the team’s 2-1 Copa Del Rey win over Deportivo La Coruna to display a black T-shirt on which the word “Palestine” was printed in several languages. Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, announced Wednesday that he would not attend New Year ceremonies in […]


Anger Management, Gaza Genocide

Gaza Genocide

  The bombardment that ravaged Gaza in January 2009 has provoked much anger and frustration – not just amongst Muslims and Arabic, but broader society also. Over a thousand and three hundred people were killed while thousands others were left homeless and orphaned in this tiny strip of disputed land. In the 21st century, how can the world allow such killing to take place?  For weeks, hundreds of thousands have marched on the streets, from […]