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Dutch Arnaud Fandor .. One of the film’s producers abuser to convert to Islam and the prophet to visit the Prophet’s Mosque

Did not generate immortalized by the right-wing Freedom Party former Dutch Arnaud Fandor to enter the Islam religion, and go after (25) days of the Two Holy Mosques, especially as he was a member of the party who contributed to the production of the film abuser to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. The Fandor his eyes tears is in kindergarten noble in the Prophet’s Mosque that he belonged to the most parties […]


American pens Quran against Islamophobia

When a Florida pastor oversees the trial, conviction and incineration of Islam’s holy book, it’s splashed across front pages, or when American soldiers serving in Afghanistan burn the Quran, news stations lead with the story. But pervasive as such headlines are, not all Americans’ interaction with the Quran is focused on its destruction. Everitte Barbee is a U.S. citizen who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also a calligraphy artist. About a year and a […]


American Muslims

Many Americans converting to Islam despite growing islamaphobia‬. Watch how people who converted say that all they knew about Islam was what they heard from the media, and how different it was when they actually took the time to find out.