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A Return to Honor

By Kamillah Khan   Our brothers and sisters amongst the Muslims of old used to carry a precious belonging with them, protecting and safeguarding it to the best of their ability, ever fearful that someone might try to harm it. Their homes were filled with it. They would be seen carrying it into the places of worship, bringing it to work, and displaying it in the streets. When they interacted with each other they would […]


Our Soft Voice

This was written in the voice of the Muslim Children throughout the world. byKamillah Khan In the Quietness of our thoughts, Allah is so close. The gates of heaven open – Our cries are heard, Peace, Tranquility surround our souls. In death we have paradise waiting –Isha-Allah You call us terrorist without knowing who we are, Blaming us for injustice. You give us no rights as human beings, Nor do you care that we are […]


Husband and Wife – Each OthersLibaas

O mankind! Have Taqwa of your Lord Who created you from a single person, and created from him its Zowj (mate) and dispersed from them many Men and Women. (Qur’aan 4:1) All Praise be to Allah Who not only creates but governs and regulates that which He creates, bringing forth intricately balanced and extremely beneficial systems with organization and purpose. How amazing is this that He created a single soul and from it, He created […]