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Be Patient Til You Meet Me At The Hawdh

Be Patient Til You Meet Me At The Hawdh (Prophets Advice To Every Muslim And Muslimah) Abdullah bin Zayd said that the Prophet (saws) said, ‘Be patient until you meet me at the Hawdh.’ (saheeh bukhaari) With the world events worsening and the trials and tribulations increasing it is upon the believers to find a place of safety anywhere on the earth, staying clear of the places of bloodshed, civil strife and anarchy. This is […]


A Return to Honor

By Kamillah Khan   Our brothers and sisters amongst the Muslims of old used to carry a precious belonging with them, protecting and safeguarding it to the best of their ability, ever fearful that someone might try to harm it. Their homes were filled with it. They would be seen carrying it into the places of worship, bringing it to work, and displaying it in the streets. When they interacted with each other they would […]


Questions a Christian May have

  Being brought up a Christian with my uncles being Ministers, it is so important to me to be able to answer questions that Christians may have. During my childhood I believed in One God but was told differently by those around me(my family), even though it was expected that I believe in the way that my whole family believed and be a Christian, I could not. Because at this young age I saw through […]