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Do people really hate Islam?

Many young Muslims have grown up knowing only hostility between Islam and the West. It seems to them as though Islam and Muslims are blamed for the ills of the whole world. Since the infamous attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, in which so many lives were lost so senselessly, Islam and the West look upon each other with suspicious eyes. Subsequent attacks on civilians in London, Madrid, Bali and elsewhere have […]


The 99 Superheros comics inspired by Islamic culture

Like every comic, the 99 has the good against evil thing going on. But what is different about this comic is that all of the 99 superheroes of ‘the 99’ are ordinary Muslims from all over the world. These 99 heroes come across what are called ‘Noor stones’ (Noor meaning Light), thus coming into their powers. Noor stones are gemstones that were crafted to absorb ‘the light of reason’. Ages ago when Hugalu Khan invaded […]


It is all a trial

At last! Could this be the beginning of some sort of level playing field? The injustice of the cartoon affair is that – like the US B52 bombers flattening mud houses and seeding the surrounding market places and fields with bomblets carrying the logo ‘peace and freedom’ – these I.T. mercenaries are installed in fortified comfort zones, armed with corporate salaries, pension plans, annual leave and the latest information technology: paid to mount an ideological […]