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Islam & Muslims in the World Today

Prince Charles – Address to the Islam and Muslims in the World Today Conference. He talks about values & a common goal.


Islam universality vs. modern globalization

Islam universality vs. modern globalization

While both Islam universality and modern globalization seek to unify the world and achieve a common sense of purpose, the spirit behind the actions and the means employed to achieve the same goal are markedly different. Islam universality means that Islam is not a religion restricted to Arabs. The Holy Koran does not speak only to people from Mecca or Arabs, its message is directed to people from all walks of life, everywhere. It addresses […]


Religious Tolerance in Muslim History

Religious intolerance has become too much a part of modern life. It is a fact of life, though, that good people, of whatever faith, do not poke fun or try to insult one another’s religion. On the contrary, we find that real people of faith are keen to get to know each other better and to learn from each other. Goodness, wherever it is to be found, comes from God. Where else would it come […]