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Muslim fun day at Six flags

ICNA presented the Muslim Family Day. The event was first held at Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ, in September 2000. The event was immediately a huge success. The tragic events of 9/11 that resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, also affected this event directly. The chief organizer, Tariq Amanullah, who worked on the 96th floor of WTC, Tower 2, passed away. The team was unable to come together again till year 2004


Do people really hate Islam?

Many young Muslims have grown up knowing only hostility between Islam and the West. It seems to them as though Islam and Muslims are blamed for the ills of the whole world. Since the infamous attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, in which so many lives were lost so senselessly, Islam and the West look upon each other with suspicious eyes. Subsequent attacks on civilians in London, Madrid, Bali and elsewhere have […]


Hijab wearing students barred from collecting award

Two of the four hijab wearing students from İhsan Sabancı Girls’ leave the school distraught         A top student at Adana Ihsan Sabancı Girls’ High School, Adana, Turkey, was banned from collecting her graduation award during a ceremony because she wears the hijab. Three other hijab wearing girls were also ordered by the head teacher to sit at the back of the hall while the graduation ceremony took place on June 6. […]