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American pens Quran against Islamophobia

When a Florida pastor oversees the trial, conviction and incineration of Islam’s holy book, it’s splashed across front pages, or when American soldiers serving in Afghanistan burn the Quran, news stations lead with the story. But pervasive as such headlines are, not all Americans’ interaction with the Quran is focused on its destruction. Everitte Barbee is a U.S. citizen who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also a calligraphy artist. About a year and a […]


Royal Charter granted to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) has been granted the Royal Charter. This will be celebrated at an event hosted by the Centre’s Patron, HRH The Prince of Wales, on 15 May, 2012. Royal Charters, granted by the sovereign on the advice of the Privy Council, have a history dating back to the 13th century. They are now normally granted only to bodies that work in the public interest and which can demonstrate pre-eminence, […]


Photo of a Muslim woman causes tensions

  An art student who wears Muslim headdress is defending her right to freedom of expression after a photo she snapped was removed from public display at a British Columbia university. The large black and white print depicts a woman in full Islamic scarf and cloak holding a flower-embossed bra while folding laundry. Sooraya Graham produced the image and presented it earlier this year for a class assignment as part of her fine arts degree […]